IsaBeau Peep crochets mats from off-cut industrial rope – taking the old craft of crochet and working with a ‘modern time’ yarn to create a product that is durable, beautiful and  less harsh on the planet, as it is made by hand. She also works with hand spun (by herself!) South African merino wool from which she makes make woollen bowls and accessories like bangles. And then she also makes other fun and colourful items like clutch bags and wrist cuffs to brighten up your day!

1. How did your business start and is it a full time job for you?

My business has been going full time for a year now.

2. Do you employ people to help you make your products?

I don’t employ people at this stage; I am still making them all myself but I have plans to commission people on a project basis.

3. What is your favourite part of your job?

I love seeing how people interact with my products and I love it when I design the patterns that I crochet from scratch.

4. Tell us more about yarn bombing!

I first saw it on American craft blog and started scratching around for more. I loved the idea of putting craft out of its ‘comfort zone’ as well as putting a little surprise in the cityscape. The play of feminine craft vs masculine environment is so appealing. I started yarn bombing because I wanted to publicly proclaim my love; eg. yarn bombing the MyCiti bus stop was to show love to an awesome improvement to the city’s transport. Then I was fortunate to be commissioned to do ‘leg warmer yarn bombing’ in and around town which was super fun and a great collaboration.

5. Please provide 3 links to things/images/blogs you currently find inspiring.

1.I’ve always loved Jenny Hart – embroidery with a twist!

2. Then I love the artist Agate Olek’s yarn bombing of the Wall Street Bull.

3. And I always enjoy seeing crochet in furniture design – this chair is beautiful

So lovely to have such an inspiring artist at the market! You can follow Isabeau’s blog here.